[OS X TeX] installing t1-fonts

mahakk mahakk at das-dock.de
Thu Jun 27 06:07:59 EDT 2002

"Bruno Voisin" meinte doch tatsächlich:

>> well, one problem, though:
>> using
>>     \oldstylenums{1}
>> doesn't work, or rather the oldstylenums are still only bitmaps. any
>> workaround for these?
> latex.ltx says:
> [...]
> while omlcmr.fd says:
> [...]
> and omlcmm.fd says:
> [...]
> All in all this means, I think, that the fonts cmmi5-10,12 are used.

i appreciate your effort...
but i just don't know what you're talking about. :)
did you try "\oldstylenums{1}" and the above lines were written to the

> I'm 
> surprised you get bitmaps, I thought teTeX was set by default to use
> PostScript versions of CM fonts.

to make this clear: only the oldstyle numbers are still bitmaps (or so it
seems - they look jagged in pdf). rest is ok (thanx again).

> Or do you get bold characters in sizes
> 6, 8 or 9, which for cmmib are not available in PostScript form and are
> created from sizes 5, 7 or 10 by interpolation?

uh... :)
i just get pixelated oldstyle numbers...
they're not bold or anything.
dunno about the sizes, sorry. i use


see, i'm completely new to this tex-thing, and so i created a tex-template
which includes several commented settings and code-snippets which i might
want to use at some point in my documents.
one of these snippets is "oldstylenums". it's just one line to see how they

do you get antialiased oldstyle numbers in pdf?

> Is it a Fink-induced
> problem, should you have it (I don't)?

nah, i don't fink. ;)

> Have you tried:
> \usepackage{textcomp}
> it will load textcomp.sty which says:
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textzerooldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textoneoldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\texttwooldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textthreeoldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textfouroldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textfiveoldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textsixoldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textsevenoldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\texteightoldstyle}{TS1}
> \DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\textnineoldstyle}{TS1}
> and ts1enc.def which says:
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textzerooldstyle}{TS1}{48}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textoneoldstyle}{TS1}{49}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\texttwooldstyle}{TS1}{50}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textthreeoldstyle}{TS1}{51}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textfouroldstyle}{TS1}{52}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textfiveoldstyle}{TS1}{53}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textsixoldstyle}{TS1}{54}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textsevenoldstyle}{TS1}{55}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\texteightoldstyle}{TS1}{56}
> \DeclareTextSymbol{\textnineoldstyle}{TS1}{57}
> while ts1cmr.fd says:
> \EC at family{TS1}{cmr}{m}{n}{tcrm}
> Then the font tcrm should be called for, which is part of sfrm in
> cm-super.

i don't get this one. what should i try?


what's "textcomp" supposed to do?

> Maybe you need to use \textoneoldstyle instead of
> \oldstylenums{1}, I'm not sure.
> In any case, not very straightforward!


hm, is it possible to have ALL numbers appear as oldstyle numbers (headers,
footers, pagenumbers included)? sort of like switching the behaviour (thus
only having to specify when "normal" numbers should be used)...


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