[OS X TeX] font appearance

Chip Brock brock at pa.msu.edu
Mon Jun 17 18:46:19 EDT 2002

Lucida are nice - not stringy looking, which is my personal problem with
what I've seen. I've never messed with fonts and latex. From YandY, I
presume that one just orders as if OS9, which from them means getting the
CD. Is it straightforward from that point to install with tetex et al in the
Texshop environment?



On 6/17/02 6:14 PM, "Michael Murray" <mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au> wrote:

>> Hi
>> I've been toying with a big project...writing out lecture notes for a pretty
>> content-full course (700powerpoint slides). So, naturally I think of
>> TeXshop, but now with a critical eye on appearance and readability on the
>> screen. I've decided that while Computer Modern is really attractive on
>> paper, it's not so on the screen as rendered in pdf and wonder if anyone has
>> any suggestions? Any suggestions with URL's to visit would really be
>> appreciated!
> I like LucidaBright from www.YandY.com.   They are commercial
> fonts so you have to buy them.  There are some demo's there
> that you can read.  If you are interested in lay out etc have
> a look at
> http://www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/acrotex.html
> Michael

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