[OS X TeX] BBEdit LaTeX glossary; MacRoman vs. TeX

Gianluca Gorni gorni at dimi.uniud.it
Wed Jun 26 05:14:01 EDT 2002


My LaTeX Glossary for BBEdit is available from Gary Grey's site
and from BareBones' site
I don't keep a copy on my own site.

The glossary contains virtually all the commands found in Lamport's
LaTeX book and in the LaTeX Companion, plus a number of packages.
The BBEdit glossary mechanism of one-file-per-item contributes to
make the glossary huge. I suggested to BareBones that they add support
for a comment/help field in the items, plus a glossary search engine.
They seemed to like the idea.

It would also be nice if bbautocomplete
could permanently cache a list of (LaTeX) commands for immediate use.
I made that suggestion too.

I have made a number of corrections to the glossary since I posted it.
I got a bit discouraged when neither sites bothered to update the
archive last time I submitted a new version. If I detect some interest
now I will make a new distribution.

The glossary archive also contains some AppleScripts for BBEdit that
address an issue that has come up recently on the mailing list:
conversion between TeX commands and MacRoman encoding.
If I knew perl I could probably translate the scripts into perl,
since they are based on grep patterns. If anyone is interested
I can send the latest version of the scripts, without the

Best regards,

                 Gianluca Gorni


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