Fwd: [OS X TeX] ITeXMaC is great!

Gunnar H Reichert-Weygold laptop1 at paganlibrary.com
Sun Jun 23 19:17:58 EDT 2002

From: Gunnar H Reichert-Weygold <paganlibrary at spamcop.net>
Date: Sun Jun 23, 2002  04:00:32  US/Pacific
To: "TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List" <MacOSX-TeX at email.esm.psu.edu>
Subject: Re: [OS X TeX] ITeXMaC is great!

The scripts are now available at ftp://ftp.paganlibrary.com/TeXScript.dmg.
gz. They are very basic, but then BBEdit handles far more than either 
TeXShop or iTeXMaC.


On Sunday, June 23, 2002, at 03:43 , Oliver Hardt wrote:

> hello gunnar:  i would appreciate it big time if you could be so kind and 
> make the scripts available.  although i currently use texshop, certain 
> things that make working with the source easy are simply not available 
> and i have the impression that implementation is not planned (for example:
>  if you indent and start to type a block of text that is longer than a 
> single line, the wrapped text should be indented, too -- why would you 
> want to have only indent at the beginning of a block????  however, both 
> itexmac and texshop do this -- the only workaround is to end each line 
> with a CR, which makes no sense to me at all.  on the other hand, alpha 
> (and bbedit) indent the whole block.).
> 	thanks.  olli.
> 6/23/02, Gunnar H Reichert-Weygold wrote:
>> If you're interested, I'll make the scripts available.

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