[OS X TeX] MacDviX and MacGhostViewX

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Sun Mar 31 12:26:30 EST 2002


Updated programs are available from http://www.kiffe.com/textools.html.

Both MacDviX and MacGhostViewX now support "live" scrolling in their display
windows and their "Recent Items" menu has changed slightly.

Enrico Franconi has contributed some scripts to MacDviX which allow it to open
a tex source file in mac-emacs and select the line in the source file
corresponding to an option-click in MacDviX's display window. Instructions for
configuring mac-emacs are included. The list of editors which support 
MacDviX now includes Alpha, BBEdit, BBEdit Lite, and mac-emacs.

The srcltx package has been removed from the MacDviX distribution since it is
obsolete. Recent versions of tex and latex can add \src specials to dvi files
with the option -src-specials. There is no need to include a package in the
tex sources. Just run
	(la)tex -src-specials foo.tex
and foo.dvi will include \src specials. To check if your copy of tex supports
src specials type 
	tex -help
in a Terminal window.


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