[OS X TeX] ANNOUNCE mbtimes font package

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 31 15:35:26 EST 2002

Its a font package with more possibilities than mathptmx and (probably) less
quality than mathtimes (but it is free).

NOTE: mbtimes is still beta-version: please don't redistribute it...

You can download it at


All suggestion are welcome. Type1 fonts in mac format (for macdvi, oztex,
textures) are not still avaible, but they will come...

***** Description *****
mbtimes is a font package wich allows usage of times for text and maths.

1 - uses virtual fonts partially based on omega greek and latin families.

2 - have ff ffi ffl ligatures.

3 - have (optionnaly) ct, st, fj ligatures.

4 - support the \boldmath command.

5 - support the \jmath command.

6 - comes with spécific PostScript Type1 math fonts (wich suit times in
terms of weight, contrast and style).

7 - uses for blackboard bold the esstix14 font from elsevier free esstix
distribution. Note that you are *not* allowed to

  * distribute this font alone
  * modify this font

8 - perhaps have bugs... Please tell me.

Michel Bovani

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