PDF presentations /again/ [was Re: [OS X TeX] Equation Service]

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Fri Mar 22 04:57:28 EST 2002

> I didn't see this in earlier discussions of PDF presentations, which 
> seemed to focus on font problems (which I wasn't having): When I've 
> tried to do PDF presentations, using both Utopia and something else 
> (P4?), my fonts look fine (as long as I use PS variants), but my 
> figures look horrible [*]. Anything rendered from PS vector files 
> gets scaled and rendered horribly by Acrobat (reader or full, Mac, 
> Mac OS X, 'doze, etc.). What should be smooth lines come out all 
> clumpy looking. Complex graphics (like a particular logo used here in 
> the lab) could actually be seen rendering element-by-element (I think 
> because they were using gradients) on every flipping slide. 


> [*] These are generally Encapsulated PostScript figures generated 
> from Igor Pro, either directly or with the LW8 driver. I pretty much 
> went through this hell and gave up on it before Mac OS X was a 
> credible platform, so perhaps this issue is moot now. Igor Pro is now 
> Carbon, so I can print directly to PDF and thus use pdflatex, 
> skipping ps->pdf translation altogether. I'll have to try it and see. 
> Also, I often decide it's not worth the trouble, but it can be nice 
> to be able to label graphs with TeX. Is there a "pdffrag" equivalent 
> to psfrag?

I hate to break the news to you: The Igor Pro Carbon doen't (yet) 
support output to pdf. You can of course _print_ to pdf, but that produces 
a whole page, with the figure on it. As far as encapsulated postscript is 
concerned: epstopdf usually does it for me, but yes: Acrobat's display of 
line-art is horrible.

I know there are several code samples floating about showing how to produce 
full-screen display on X. If only Apple's pdf-routines could use hyperlinks...

But if the aim is just to have a run-through, a one-liner should work.

Take care,

Maarten Sneep

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