[OS X TeX] could use some info

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Wed Mar 6 23:22:36 EST 2002

I had some trouble installing OzTeX 5b7 for some professors... they had 
version 4 present as well.
I thought everything was fine when apparently parts of the b7 install 
just disappeared or it started using parts of v4.  Causing my clients to 
ask for removal because they said it was "messing" up version 4.

I followed the "if v4 is present" install instructions to the tee.

I can't explain it in any more detail because I don't have them, sorry.
Just wondering if anyone saw anything remotely similar?

Another thing, most of my people who are using OzTeX really use (if I 
can say that) Alpha.  That is, these are hard ones to win over to 
something that's on OS X now... e.g., TeXShop, et al.

I hoping for Gerben's new stuff soon and some of those "html" 
capabilities to become a bit more apparent/stable.  I'm also awaiting 
some things (I heard?) to develop with mac-emacs, very soon; so that 
these things will become the packages I put together for my 'clients' 
coming into OS X.  Again, the hardest won seem to be those who use Alpha 
the most.

If anyone has an experience with being "won over" from Alpha to 
something on OS X now, please share with me?

Ted Rogers
FSU MathNet | Apple Systems

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