[OS X TeX] Captions in graphix

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Sun Mar 10 21:23:52 EST 2002

Since someone already brought up the topic of graphics in TeXShop again, 
I thought I'd ask another question which has been
bothering me for a while.  I can now get my pdf files to include without 
lots of dead white space, but I notice that when I use the
graphix command, e.g.

\caption{The near-edge region of a Cu-doped 
($\mathrm{T_{Cu}:800^{\circ}\,C}$) ZnO film (thinner lines) as grown (g) 
and post-anneal (a). The near-edge spectra for $\mathrm{Cu_{2}O}$ and 
CuO samples (thick lines) are included for reference }

The caption for the graphic is in a *larger* font than the text body - 
and extends over the margin of the main body text (it looks very bad).  
Is there someway to "fix" this?

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