[OS X TeX] metapost using pdflatex

Arun Mangalam arun_mangalam at mac.com
Mon Mar 25 08:56:14 EST 2002

[Somehow my original message was return so here goes again ...]

Hello Joseph,

A simple search with Google for ConTeXt and TeX would lead to many 
valuable links, including one to a nice site by Berend de Boer 
introducing ConTeXt to LaTeX users


Many links within are useful, as well as direct links to the makers of 
ConTeXt, Pragma


That site will provide a lot of documentation, examples, and a very 
valuable mailing-list in which people are very helpful. Try it...

Anyway, to use the sample I provided is to replace that Escher jpeg 
name, "escher_ascending",  with some other jpeg you have. Save that TeX 
file, and run the ConTeXt command that TeXShop provides. Can't get any 
easier that with Koch et al.'s excellent TeXShop package. Of course, you 
have to be using Gerben's well-made teTeX package.

Good luck. And next time, try searching a little. You might find 
something relevant. :)

- Arun

% Cut this into a TeX file for TeXShop

\startMPclip{text clip}
	clip currentpicture to fullcircle shifted (.5,.5)
		xscaled \width yscaled \height ;

\startuseMPgraphic{clip outline}
	draw fullcircle
		xscaled \overlaywidth yscaled \overlayheight
		withpen pencircle scaled 3mm
		withcolor .625red ;

	[clip outline]
	[\useMPgraphic{clip outline}]

			[background=clip outline,offset=overlay,frame=off]
				[nx=1,ny=1,mp=text clip]
% Stop Cut

On Saturday, March 23, 2002, at 05:23 PM, Joseph C. Slater wrote:

> Obviously I'm missing something, because I'm not finding much of 
> anything in the way of documentation. If you have a simple example of 
> how to make a standalone PDF (or eps for that matter!), I could 
> probably make use of it. However, I have no idea of how ConTeXt fits 
> into anything because I can't find a manual. Does it replace LaTeX? 
> Does it replace the interface to MP? For now I'll have to just deal 
> with non-stand alone .mps files. I know this can't be that hard, but 
> without the document that says how it works, I'm dead in the water. 
> However, the change the extension to .mps and use it directly in 
> pdflatex is probably good enough.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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