My answer:Re: [OS X TeX] metapost using pdflatex

Joseph Slater joseph.slater at
Mon Mar 25 22:36:40 EST 2002

To make a stand alone pdf file from a mp file is actually pretty simple 
(isn't everything once you know how?).

First, I had to
sudo texexec --pdf mprun.tex

Then, mpost the mp file
Then, mptopdf the file resulting from the mp.

You this uses ConTeXt transparently to the user.

On Friday, March 22, 2002, at 05:03 PM, Joseph C. Slater wrote:

> I've tried using metapost to generate eps files, convert them to pdf, 
> and embed them into pdflatex, but the text doesn't show up in the eps 
> or the pdf file. Going the old latex->dvi->ps->pdf works fine, but I'd 
> like to stick to pdflatex if possible (I'm getting comfortable with 
> it). Is there another way at it using metapost (like metapdf?).
> thanks,
> Joe
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