Feature suggestion, bug report -Re: [OS X TeX] EquationService

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Fri Mar 22 15:33:39 EST 2002

Hanspeter Schaub said:
>...In particular, I just tried importing equation pdf
>files that Equation Service generates into Freehand 9 (classic version,
>t have the carbon version 10 yet).   During the import, it complains
>it find the various CMMxx fonts. I then replace them with Times
>equivalents (plain, italic, bold-italic) and the output looks ok.

1 - don't bother to get FH10 if the only reason is wanting Services
support---it doesn't have it.

2 - you're parsing the .pdf and translating it into a native Freehand
file, so naturally it wants the fonts to be in the system and can only
use fonts which are installed, hence available to it. If you merely want
to place the file as is, belike the best thing to do would be to convert
it to .eps (including the fonts) and place that (might need to uncheck
parse editable .eps for file import)

>would be great though is if Equation Service could supply the required
>information in the pdf file itself?

They proably are, FreeHand just can't make use of it.

>Is this possible?

If you work differently, with different tools, you could directly edit /
manipulate the .pdf (get OneVision, or Adobe Acrobat and Enfocus

>Anyway, it this were possible, then I could use Equation Service to
>include equation labels that match my typeset equations precisely.

Get from pdf to eps and you'll be set (or switch to a NeXT box running
Altsys Virtuoso and use TeXView.app, or switch to a vector graphics
program with Services support)


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