Feature suggestion, bug report -Re: [OS X TeX] Equation Service

Guido Mocken mocken at uni-freiburg.de
Fri Mar 22 11:10:16 EST 2002

Am Freitag den, 22. März 2002, um 15:08, schrieb Radhakrishnan CV:

 > pdftosrc <pdffile name> <object number>
 > Is this what you wanted?

Yes - in principle. (However, I have no pdftosrc on my machine to test 
this. Is this included in tetex/TeXShop?).

The question is, whether this can be made a MaxOS X Service item, so you 
can select a formerly typeset equation, choose the "pdf -> tex" service 
which I am suggesting to get back the source, modify it and re-typeset 
it using the already existing service "TeX to PDF" (GWTeXServices) or 
"Equation Service -> ..." (Doug Rowland's).

Wouldn't that be nice?


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