[OS X TeX] Re: could use some info/follow up please

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Thu Mar 7 22:55:28 EST 2002

yes of course you all are right!  I was mainly speaking from not wanting 
my new OSX users to experience any problems by using Classic, i.e., keep 
them in X as much as possible. -and you all are saying you are happy 
with Alpha is Classic mode, correct? (not booted into 9, but Classic 

my follow up is:  are you Alpha users (btw, i'm referring to Alpha v7.2) 
using also TeXShop? or what for you makes up your Mac TeX'ing package?

anyone else who wants to chime in feel free, i'd like to know.

thank you very much.

Ted Rogers
FSU MathNet | Apple Systems

On Thursday, March 7, 2002, at 10:07  PM, William Duckworth wrote:

> I agree. I see nothing that holds a candle to Alpha (and believe me I 
> tried for several months after OSX became stable!). I'll happily keep 
> booting Classic until AlphaX is ready. Emacs has a steep learning curve 
> and despite what some have said, I thought Alpha was (nearly) trivial 
> to learn to use (I largely ignored all its many features when I first 
> used it for TeXing).
> AlphaTk would be great if the Aqua implementation of Tk/Tcl was more 
> polished. I imagine AlphaX and a polished Mac OS X Tk will probably hit 
> the web about the same time!
>> Why would you want them to?  Alpha X will arrive some day, and in the
>> meantime Alpha works just fine in Classic.  If they like it, why waste
>> any energy trying to get them to change?  I've yet to encounter 
>> anything
>> that can holde a candle to Alpha, on any platform.  (That's not an
>> invitation to the emacs crazies .. erm .. I mean, users ... to start an
>> editors war, by the way.  Just stating *my* preference.)

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