[OS X TeX] Re: could use some info/follow up please

William McCallum mccallumwilliam at qwest.net
Fri Mar 8 00:17:11 EST 2002

On Thursday, March 7, 2002, at 08:55  PM, get86 at mac.com wrote:

> yes of course you all are right!  I was mainly speaking from not 
> wanting my new OSX users to experience any problems by using Classic, 
> i.e., keep them in X as much as possible. -and you all are saying you 
> are happy with Alpha is Classic mode, correct? (not booted into 9, but 
> Classic mode).
> my follow up is:  are you Alpha users (btw, i'm referring to Alpha 
> v7.2) using also TeXShop? or what for you makes up your Mac TeX'ing 
> package?

I was a hardcore Alpha/OzTeX user, but liked the display of TeXShop (and 
was temporarily seduced by the idea of not having to boot up Classic). I 
played around with all the OS X alternatives, but kept coming back to 
TeXShop. Now that it can be configured to work with an external editor, 
I have been using it with Emacs running under X windows with auctex 
installed, but will probably go back to Alpha X when it comes out. Using 
Alpha under Classic also works well, and would work with TeXShop. The 
only thing that your professors might miss if they are picky is the 
ability to fire up TeXShop (or OzTeX running under OS X) from Classic 
Alpha. But this is a minor annoyance, since you can TeX the file from 
TeXShop. Of course, there's the guilt about abandoning OzTeX to deal 
with, but everyone has to cope with that in their own way.

Anyway, all this fussing about which setup to use is merely a substitute 
for actually getting some work done. That's what you should really tell 
your professors!

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