[Mac OS X TeX] [ANN] LaTeX enhanced mac-emacs (v. 1.1)

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Fri Mar 1 14:50:58 EST 2002

>>>>> Enrico Franconi <franconi at cs.man.ac.uk> (EF) writes:

EF> To make a full install simply type from a terminal:

EF> sudo ./mac-emacs-install <machine-name>

EF> where <machine-name> is the name of your computer; type your password
EF> when requested.

EF> The installer will:
EF> - install the mac-emacs application on the Desktop
EF> - install the Emacs package in /Applications
EF> - install "OSX PowerAddOns Lite.osax" in /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions
EF> - create the symbolic link /<machine-name> --> /

I wonder what is the use of this <machine-name> and this symbolic link?
By the way on you HTML page the <machine name disappears because you should
replace < with < (and for symmetry > with >).
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