[OS X TeX] Bug in TeXShop 1.16 (was: TeXShop 1.16)

Matthias Damm m.damm at web.de
Sat Mar 2 10:30:29 EST 2002

> TeXShop 1.16 is now available at

I installed the new version, but had to discover a quite severe bug:

I am longer able to use the cursor keys in TeXShop. Instead of moving the
cursor, the system error sound is played. Shift-Cursor, Alt-Cursor etc work
like normal, however.

The problem appeared after I customized the tool bar, but of course this
doesn't mean this was the reason for the problem to appear.

Trashing the prefs file didn't work (the prefs file is the texshop.plist in
my library/preferences folder, right?)

The problem disappeared after reinstalling the 1.15 version of TeXShop.

Can anyone confirm this, or does anyone have a hint for me?

Matthias Damm <m.damm at web.de>
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