[OS X TeX] teTeX download problems

zyba zyba at mac.com
Sat Mar 30 10:47:35 EST 2002

On Saturday, March 30, 2002, at 12:53  am, Ross Moore wrote:

>> I've just made my 5th unsuccessful attempt to download teTeX. …
>> [snip]
>> … Can I just buy a CD of this software.
> Yes.
> Join a TeX User Group (e.g. TUG, see http://www.tug.org)
> and you will be sent it, along with other useful CDs,
> as part of the benefits of membership.
> At this site, you should find a list of other User Groups
> that may be more convenient to where you live.

Thank you. I went to the site and found a link to the UKTUG group and I 
will be contacting them after the Easter break.

>> (Am I the only one having this problem? - my telephone bill can't take
>> much more of this).
> Sure.
> So paying a User Group subscription may be more attractive.

After my previous email I tried a couple more times to download with the 
i-installer and was finally successful! :o) The i-installer is very 
good - the problem for me was the size of the download and the amount of 
time wasted every time the connection broke.

> Note that "free software" does not mean cost-free.
> It means that the software is licensed to allow users freedom to
> use it and request/suggest/submit changes.

Yes, I have read quite a bit recently about licences for open source 
software. Perhaps I gave the impression that I was only after the 
software because it was cost-free. In fact I have been waiting in vain 
for Nisus to produce an OS X version of Nisus Writer and, having given 
up all hope, I then discovered the combination of emacs and laTeX which 
seem to do everything that Nisus Writer could do and more. My complaint 
about the broken downloads was purely annoyance at having to pay the 
telephone company for such a lousy internet connection.

> Supporting a User Group is a very good way to choose to pay for software
> that is available with these freedoms, since it helps to ensure that
> there are developers who will continue to provide their work and 
> support.

Yep, I agree with that sentiment.

all the best,
Jo Zyba.

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