[OS X TeX] quartz and pdftex?

Bruce D'Arcus bdarcus at mac.com
Mon Mar 11 12:33:08 EST 2002

On Monday, March 11, 2002, at 12:16  PM, William Adams wrote:

> bdarcus asked:
>> My question is prompted by more concrete issues like: the latest pdf
>> spec includes support for transparency, but quartz does not currently.
> Sure it does---just look at the ``PDFCompositor.app'' demo. I think it
> cheated by rasterizing the graphics and using OpenGL though.

Let me clarify: Quartz certainly handles transparency, but it cannot 
output pdf files that include transparency.  So, if I create a diagram 
in OmniGraffle with drop shadows (which use transparency) and export a 
pdf file, it will not look right.  Therefore, currently, I cannot use 
this functionality if I want to include such a diagram in a LaTeX doc.

As for ID 2 (which CAN export pdf files with transparency), I was 
creating a spiffy looking title page, which I wanted to export to PDF 
for inclusion in LT.  Is this possible, or will it likely be in the 
not-too-distant future...


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