[OS X TeX] quartz and pdftex?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Mar 11 12:33:00 EST 2002

bdarcus said:
>Let me clarify: Quartz certainly handles transparency, but it cannot
>output pdf files that include transparency.  So, if I create a diagram
>in OmniGraffle with drop shadows (which use transparency) and export a
>pdf file, it will not look right.  Therefore, currently, I cannot use
>this functionality if I want to include such a diagram in a LaTeX doc.

OIC. Well, if you open up the .pdf in Adobe Illustrator, or some other
graphics app, you could either apply the real transparency effect
(Illustrator), or fake it using overprinting (FreeHand) or some other
standard pre-press trick (rasterize the drop shadow to a bi-level bitmap
and set it to overprint).

That could then be placed and would work belike in Adobe Acrobat 5 (the
Illustrator method), or with pretty much anything (the other

>As for ID 2 (which CAN export pdf files with transparency), I was
>creating a spiffy looking title page, which I wanted to export to PDF
>for inclusion in LT.  Is this possible, or will it likely be in the
>not-too-distant future...

As I stated before, and implied above, if you just place the page using
``pdfpages'' it should view with full transparency effects in Adobe
Acrobat 5---but if you're printing make sure your commercial printer can
handle it (i.e. has a PS Level 3 RIP with in-RIP trapping).


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