[OS X TeX] Re: praise --- and three humble fine-tuning suggestions

Paulo Abreu paulotex at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 06:22:48 EST 2002

>>  >   1: when 'opening' a .tex file, TeXShop should tex it before showing its
>>  >   pdf.  This seems logical: if the user chooses to open a tex file and not
>>  >   the pdf file next to it, then the intention most probably is to have it
>>  >   tex'ed, not to see an outdated pdf version of the document.  (Or worse: a
>>  >   blank page.)
>>No, no, no: when I open a .tex file, I want to open a .tex file, period.
>>I don't want TeXshop to process it. If I want to open a pdf file, I open
>>a pdf file. If I want to process a tex file, I press the LaTeX button in
>>TeXshop. Please, no action behind my back. Right now, I am working on a
>>1000 page book. I don't want TeXshop to process it each time I open the
>>main .tex file.
>If you read my post again, notice that I am talking strictly about the
>situation where TeXShop is configured for external editor.  This means that
>the source is not going to be shown in TeXShop at all --- the source is
>typically already open in your favourite editor.  What we want is really to
>have it tex'ed...

Sorry, it seems I missed that part.

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