[OS X TeX] Re: praise --- and three humble fine-tuning suggestions

jerome LAURENS jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Fri Mar 15 05:02:38 EST 2002

Le vendredi 15 mars 2002, à 09:07 AM, Joachim Kock a écrit :

> This last thing is what I suggest is changed.  It is not logical that an
> old file is opened --- if you really wanted to see the old version, why 
> not
> open that pdf file directly?  It would also not be logical to have the 
> tex
> file opened in the built-in editor --- then there would be no point at 
> all
> in having the "Configure for external editor".
> The ony logical thing to do for a programme which is a 
> typesetter/previewer
> is to typeset and preview the file, in accordance also with the 
> philosophy
> for the other formats:

please do consider that things have their own logic:

- what should happen if I want to open my old pdf but i made a mistake 
and opened the tex file next to it.
- why not open the tex file in TeXShop, if you just have to make a minor 
spell correction

What TeXShop should do is implement both things and let the user make 
its own choice, but your suggestion is not just fine tuning.

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