[OS X TeX] Re: OzTeX 5.0a is now available

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Fri Mar 22 05:00:23 EST 2002

>> There is a new config file in :TeX:Configs: called "Use texmf tree".
>> It shows how to tell the Oz* apps to search the texmf trees created by
>> Gerben Wierda's teTeX installer.  Before using the config file you'll
>> need to make a few changes -- see the comments inside the file.
> I haven't d/l'd the alpha, yet, but I wanted to ask, how may this affect those of us who either installed Wierda's teTeX using fink (so that it is in fink's /sw directory) or who installed another version of teTeX?  Thanks.

No problem.  Every search path in the config file starts with


so just replace that prefix with the correct path for your teTeX.
Even users of Gerben's installer will have to replace "OSX" with the
name of their OS X start-up volume.

NB. When I drop support for OS 8/9 (probably in 5.1) I will allow
Unix paths in OzTeX config files so you can do things like

input_folders = |
   ~/Library/texmf/tex/** |
   /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/tex/** |


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