[OS X TeX] problem using gs 6.52 with teTeX

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Mar 8 06:59:45 EST 2002

On Thursday, March 7, 2002, at 11:07 , Richard Koch wrote:

> However, my copy of altpdflatex says that "dviopts" has been
> changed to "dvipsopts".

Yes --dvipsopt, I made a typo.

> TeXShop has had the ability to interprete command line options
> for the scripts for quite a long time. For example, if the script name 
> in

My fault, I did not know this. Because of the check mark for 'save PS 
output' I figured you could not add the arguments. But the check mark is 
just a convenience --- and not saved in Preferences, right?)

> Are you saying that TeXShop needs to do more? Or maybe you
> are saying that the default command for altpdflatex should include
> --dvipsopts "-Ppdf". If so, please write immediately because I have to
> put out a new version tomorrow fixing one small problem, and I
> can make that change at the same time.

I think it would be good to make -Ppdf the default. I think that 
nowadays, having the absolute optimum device-dependent output is only 
important for very few people, those people will be able to run 
altpdftex by hand.

Maybe another check mark for 'produce best output for current printer 
resolution' versus 'produce maximum device independent output' would be 
nice. In the case of max device independent, you could add Ttbbold.map 
and wolfram.map on the command line as well (better make the flags to 
add for the check mark a configurable setting with default value -Ppdf 
-u +Ttbbold.map -u +wolfram.map)

Actually, I think -u +pdftex.map -u +Ttbbold.map -u +wolfram.map is 
better. -Ppdf depends on the file config.pdf. This file, as shipped, 
does not(!) use pdftex.map , but has its own set (the whole font mapping 
business could do with some cleanup) of type1's to add. pdftex.map is 
used by pdftex.cfg.


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