[OS X TeX] How to Insert Graphics Using TeXShop?

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Sun Mar 10 20:53:52 EST 2002

On 3/10/02 8:48 PM, "Zachary Davis" <zsd3711 at gamma2.uta.edu> wrote:

> I've never tried including a graph in one of my documents, and I'm
> running into some trouble doing so using TeXShop.  I have created a plot
> using gnuplot, and have converted the image to an .eps file using
> GraphicConverter.  Then, I placed this .eps file in the same directory
> as my LaTeX source file--the one which I want to include this graph.  I
> have issued the command \includegraphics{filename.eps} in this source
> file; however, I get an error in the console which says this control
> sequence is undefined.  Is there something else I need to include in my
> source file, or is the .eps file in the wrong directory?  Any help would
> be appreciated.

Have you loaded the graphicx package using \usepackage{graphicx} ???

In addition, since you are using .eps files, be sure to typeset using TeX +
Ghostscript instead of pdftex.

Good luck,

-- Gary L. Gray

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