[OS X TeX] OT: Memoir Latex documentclass sample, _The Confederate Soldier's Pocket Manual of Devotions_

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Mar 19 15:04:42 EST 2002

I was _very_ impressed by Peter R. Wilson's Memoir class for Latex, when
I found it and felt moved to use it for a personal project as described

While I've seen mention of specific support for ConText here for TeXShop
(which is another thing I really need to find time to look into), AFAIR,
``Memoir'' hasn't shown up. I hope no one will mind my injecting it at
this time and in this way. I'm still learning LaTeX though, so perhaps
no especial support would be necessary in TeXShop?

I've been considering posting this as an announcement to comp.text.tex
with an eye towards getting it on CTAN, but wanted to try out a smaller
group first, so....

Well, it's not sensibly marked up, but it does print reasonably pretty,

I've put this up and made it available at


It's the LaTeX source, using Peter Wilson's wonderful Memoir class for
Confederate Soldier's Pocket Manual of Devotions_ which I laid out,
and bound (western-style sewn on tapes with marble end papers) as a
gift for my father (he's a member of the Confederate Air Force, and his
grandfather was one of General Robert E. Lee's bodyguards). I set it up
print 4-up on legal-sized paper, so the finished size is 4.25 x 7in.

Since it uses Computer Modern, anyone should be able to install the
class and then TeX it and print it---hopefully this will address the
complaints regarding the last book which I so shared (see my portfolio

Although I'd sort of thought of it as a tutorial from the beginning, my
skills weren't up to setting up macros to do proper semantic / logical
markup, but it does demonstrate some of the nifty features of the Memoir

class, and does show a complete book, so maybe someone will find it

I think it'd be especially interesting if someone re-worked it using


P.S. I hope no one is irritated or offended by the subject matter of
book. If so, sorry, but my great-grandfather only joined in the Civil
when the actions of Union troops threatened his livelihood, and rather
having slaves, there were a number of free black sharecroppers who
worked the
land with him, and I learned the measure of a furlong helping the son of
of them plough his garden.

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