[OS X TeX] WAY OT (re: to Jonathan E. Guyer)

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Fri Mar 8 13:56:05 EST 2002

first, this is not the place for this, is it?
i mean, you must know you invite reply, right? (and you did do it 
i apologize that i feel i should reply here.  i know i shouldn't have 
and just "ate" it, but i'm tired.  :( = "sad" face.

you seem to have made a critical mistake in you analysis... "rather 
jumped the gun" i'd say... and right onto me!
your mistake? simple:  the one that refers to "changing everything" is a 
"winky", not a "smiley", yes, BIG DIFFERENCE.  the one that states my 
[and i only speak for me, not my clients -though i could] preference for 
OSX is a "smiley" because i AM proud to be in service to these fine 
people (i only service the Macs).

so, recap: "winkie" = "joking" or "jokingly".
"smiley" = "i like it".
if you think for one minute i didn't type as such... well, you must take 
them serioulsy -look at your own post! and look at mine closer... maybe 
it was thr "bwuhahaha" that got to you? yeah, that was a bit weird on my 
if you have, or have had, bad experiences and take *my happiness* 
wrongly, well....
no worries.

i hope we can get along, and, get some salve on that exposed nerve.  ;)


On Friday, March 8, 2002, at 09:47  AM, Jon Guyer wrote:

> At 12:58 AM -0500 3/8/02, get86 at mac.com wrote:
>> that was funny post. (they don't say that, i'm the one changing
>> everything bwuahaha. ;)
>> (i'm the mac sys guy, OSX is my sword.:)
> Uh... I don't find anything "smiley" about those statements. SysAdmins 
> inflicting their will on end users is highly questionable behavior, 
> regardless of the circumstances. We'd all squawk about it if somebody 
> posted here saying they were forcing all their users to switch to 
> Windows XP and Scientific Word and wanted our advice on how to go about 
> convincing them, so why is it somehow more palatable when we hear you 
> forcing people to Mac OS X and something other than Alpha[*]?
> The SysAdmin's job is to keep computers running smoothly so that users 
> don't have to. Yes, frequently you'll have a better sense of the 
> options than they will and you should bring them to their attention. On 
> the other hand, disrupting users and forcing changes in functional 
> systems simply to make your administration task easier is reprehensible 
> (and far too common you your field).
> Yes, as a matter of fact, you /did/ strike a nerve.
> [*] In the interests of complete disclosure, I am one of Alpha's 
> developers, but that is irrelevant here. It would bother me as much if 
> you were trying to force dedicated BBEdit, TeXShop, or emacs users to 
> switch to Alpha simply because it's what you know or it made your life 
> easier.
> --
>   Jonathan E. Guyer
>   <http://www.his.com/jguyer/>

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