[OS X TeX] Re: could use some info/follow up please 2

Jon Guyer jguyer at his.com
Fri Mar 8 09:47:10 EST 2002

At 12:58 AM -0500 3/8/02, get86 at mac.com wrote:

>that was funny post. (they don't say that, i'm the one changing
>everything bwuahaha. ;)
>(i'm the mac sys guy, OSX is my sword.:)

Uh... I don't find anything "smiley" about those statements. 
SysAdmins inflicting their will on end users is highly questionable 
behavior, regardless of the circumstances. We'd all squawk about it 
if somebody posted here saying they were forcing all their users to 
switch to Windows XP and Scientific Word and wanted our advice on how 
to go about convincing them, so why is it somehow more palatable when 
we hear you forcing people to Mac OS X and something other than 

The SysAdmin's job is to keep computers running smoothly so that 
users don't have to. Yes, frequently you'll have a better sense of 
the options than they will and you should bring them to their 
attention. On the other hand, disrupting users and forcing changes in 
functional systems simply to make your administration task easier is 
reprehensible (and far too common you your field).

Yes, as a matter of fact, you /did/ strike a nerve.

[*] In the interests of complete disclosure, I am one of Alpha's 
developers, but that is irrelevant here. It would bother me as much 
if you were trying to force dedicated BBEdit, TeXShop, or emacs users 
to switch to Alpha simply because it's what you know or it made your 
life easier.


   Jonathan E. Guyer

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