[OS X TeX] Re: could use some info/follow up please 2

William McCallum mccallumwilliam at qwest.net
Fri Mar 8 09:25:45 EST 2002

On Thursday, March 7, 2002, at 10:58  PM, get86 at mac.com wrote:
> about "configuring TeXShop to work with an external editor (i've been 
> reading about the "glory" of this... where (or simply 'how') can i find 
> out how to set up such a combo?

There's nothing fancy about it. Open the document in TeXShop using the  
"Open for Preview" option,  then open it in your text editor. You can 
compile the file from the TeXShop window. There's a preference in 
TeXShop that makes Open for Preview the default. See the TeXShop 

If you are using emacs with auctex you can configure it to fire up 
TeXShop by editing the tex-site.el file to include the command "open -a 
TeXShop %t" somewhere in its menu of external commands ... you will see 
the appropriate structure when you open the file.

You can install auctex using fink or just download it from the auctex 
site and build it yourself (worked fine for me). If you use fink and it 
works, tell them, so they can move it from unstable to stable.

There are lots of other options which you can see by browsing the 
archives of this list.

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