[OS X TeX] Re: could use some info

William Duckworth wmd at iastate.edu
Thu Mar 7 22:07:18 EST 2002

I agree. I see nothing that holds a candle to Alpha (and believe me I 
tried for several months after OSX became stable!). I'll happily keep 
booting Classic until AlphaX is ready. Emacs has a steep learning 
curve and despite what some have said, I thought Alpha was (nearly) 
trivial to learn to use (I largely ignored all its many features when 
I first used it for TeXing).

AlphaTk would be great if the Aqua implementation of Tk/Tcl was more 
polished. I imagine AlphaX and a polished Mac OS X Tk will probably 
hit the web about the same time!

>Why would you want them to?  Alpha X will arrive some day, and in the
>meantime Alpha works just fine in Classic.  If they like it, why waste
>any energy trying to get them to change?  I've yet to encounter anything
>that can holde a candle to Alpha, on any platform.  (That's not an
>invitation to the emacs crazies .. erm .. I mean, users ... to start an
>editors war, by the way.  Just stating *my* preference.)

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