[OS X TeX] illustrator and LaTeX?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Mar 27 11:38:05 EST 2002

olli said:
>i am working on a poster for a psychological conference.  the whole
>layout is done with illustrator, but i thought that it might be nice
>to do the narratives, formulas, tables with LaTeX.  i would like to
>use the computer modern fonts for that.

Gary Gray's site has links to a set of fonts which're intended to allow
Illustrator to make use of /edit files created with (La)TeX. An
alternative is to use Textures and its export to .eps facility which
works around Illustrator's limitations in this.

There's been a fair bit of discussion about this in the past---look for
a post from Prof. Jaques Distler with all the gory details.

>       the poster will be 72 inches wide and 48 inches high (around
>180cm wide and 120cm high).  the headlines are 90pt helvetica.  my
>plan is to pdflatex my stuff and then import the pdf into illustrator
>and put it where i want it.  however, i have the impression that
>those pdfs don't contain 'text' they rather contain an image of the
>text (since i cannot edit the text in acrobat reader).

Use Acrobat's File | Document Info | Fonts command to check if you're
getting Type 1 fonts.

>        can i just scale the pdf or latex output to the desirable
>size without any quality loss?


>what do i need to do in order to
>accomplish that?

Get Type 1 fonts into the .pdf or .eps


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