[OS X TeX] Two questions (documentation-related)

Enrico Franconi franconi at cs.man.ac.uk
Thu Mar 28 04:20:37 EST 2002

On March 28, Claus Gerhardt writes:
> I experience the same problem as Martin, but, if I recall correctly,
> only after Locator incorporated the preview option which I use.
> Both Locator, MacJanitor and the built in locate.updatedb script use
> the same database in /var/db/locate.database - if different databases
> would be used the problem wouldn't arise.

Well, this is not the case of /sw/bin/locate which uses another
database, that's why is is worthwhile checking. If this turns out to
be your problem (maybe not), and you want to share the same database
among all the versions of locate, then put in your .cshrc

setenv LOCATE_PATH /var/db/locate.database


> >On March 27, Martin Stokhof writes:
> >>  on my PowerBook that isn't up 24/7. One of the tasks that's in
> >>  MacJanitor' weekly script is to update the locate database. What
> >>  happens is that after MacJanitor has done that, Locator can't
> >>  find files anymore and needs to rebuild the database (which, as
> >>  Locator warns, indeed takes quite some time). Is this a bug in
> >>  MacJanitor?  Locator?
> >
> >probably you have the fink new version of locate installed in /sw
> >(rather than in /usr) which uses a different database. MacJanitor uses
> >/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb
> >To check which locate are you using, do a
> >which locate

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