[OS X TeX] Adobe save as html

John Vokey vokey at uleth.ca
Mon Mar 4 12:54:43 EST 2002

Doesn't work on my system---just the usual options come up after 
"Save As...", no html or xml, even though the plugin is 
installed.  Do I need to do something special to activate it?

On Sunday, March 3, 2002, at 06:00  PM, TeX on Mac OS X Mailing 
List wrote:

>> um, I must have missed something...how can I save out a pdf as 
>> HTML with
>> acrobat?
> um, use Save As. :)
> No, actually, that isn't the whole story. There is a free plug in for
> Acrobat, available from the Adobe site, called Save as XML. But it
> actually allows you to save pdfs as HTML 3.20 or 4.01, or XHTML or XML
> 1.00. It works with the most recent versions of Acrobat and has 
> recently
> been revised (though it is called a Beta, it has been called that for
> over a year.)
> At any rate it is one way to go.
> Adrian Heathcote
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