[OS X TeX] Help: Mathtime

Takanori Uchiyama uchiyama at appi.keio.ac.jp
Mon Mar 25 02:35:50 EST 2002

From: Mark William Bannar-Martin <mbannar-martin at pearson-college.uwc.ca>
Subject: [OS X TeX] Help: Mathtime
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 10:27:06 -0800

> 1) Is it an easy matter to install these mathtime fonts for use with 
> PdfTeX and TeXShop?

I have not tried yet but I think that it is easy.

> 2) Is it an easy matter to use these mathtime fonts to label Adobe 
> Illustrator diagrams?

Yes, but you have to install MathTime fonts of Mac OS version, too.
Illustrator can not handle fonts embedded in EPS or PDF files.  I
think that it is not so smart to install both PFB format fonts for TeX
and Mac OS fonts for Illustrator.  But I don't have any other ways.

By the way, if you want to use aonther Times base math package,
TXFONTS, with Illustrator, you also install Mac OS version TXFONTS.  I
converted PFB fonts in TXFONTS to Mac OS fonts with Fontographer but
they have different PostScript names from those of the original ones
because the original TXFONTS have PostScript names which does not
follow Adobe PostScript naming convention.  If you converted the
original fonts as they have, you would have some confliciton of font
names.  So, I changed the PostScript names. 

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