[OS X TeX] Search for pdf editor

Lucien Lemmens lcnlmmns at ruca.ua.ac.be
Wed Mar 20 11:55:43 EST 2002

> pneukom asked:
>> I have modified and added comments to pdfs using Acrobat 4 (Classic),
> AFAIK, Adobe Acrobat, the full version, the product formerly known as
> Exchange is the only thing which will do this.
>> and
>> delete or rearrange content using  Canvas 8 (Carbon).  Unfortunately,
>> Canvas' pdf filter is broken and doesn't have the ability to re-flow
> text,
> That's a limitation of .pdf---it precisely places text, and loses the
> concept of paragraph. Although Tailor.app in NeXTstep was able to do
> this with .ps files, that capability has been lost, unless it's
> preserved in OneVision's program(s), www.onevision.com
>> and add highlights.
> That's annotation
>> I don't feel like upgrading to Acrobat 5 until it is
>> completely Carbonized.
> We're all waiting on that, but I'm not holding my breath.
> William

I am using at present Acrobat 5 under OSX and except for a few things 
( indexing and html-exporting with a plug in) everything works, 
especially annotations. The indexing is no problem for files on the hard 
disk because the indexing capabilities of Sherlock are organized in a 
different way such that single folders can be indexed. (The shortcoming 
is that I do not know how the index can be transferred to  CD-rom)

L Lemmens

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