[OS X TeX] Search for pdf editor

Philip Neukom pneukom at ProfitAnalytics.com
Wed Mar 20 09:15:24 EST 2002

Hello again!

I have another question which is more of a search for a recommendation.
This may be the wrong place to ask, but you were so helpful with my recent
request, I thought I would make the request anyway.

I receive numerous documents in pdf that I am asked to comment on.  I don't
usually receive the original text since pdf is such a versatile and
cross-platform format.

I have modified and added comments to pdfs using Acrobat 4 (Classic), and
delete or rearrange content using  Canvas 8 (Carbon).  Unfortunately,
Canvas' pdf filter is broken and doesn't have the ability to re-flow text,
and add highlights.  I don't feel like upgrading to Acrobat 5 until it is
completely Carbonized.

I would like to use an OSX application to do this manipulation.  Especially
valuable would be the ability to re-flow text in the pdf after deleting or
rearranging some text.

Is there a way to manipulate pdfs using TexShop, teTex etc. on OSX?  Or is
there another solution that you would recommend.

Thanks again to all for your help

PS I am on digest mode, so I apologize in advance if I don't reply quickly.
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