[OS X TeX] Request for front end suppliers who rely on my TeXdistribution (or not)

Benji Fisher benji at member.AMS.org
Tue Mar 26 09:49:30 EST 2002

"Joseph C. Slater" wrote:
> Obviously
> TeXShop(http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/texshop.html),
> iTeXMac(http://www.u-bourgogne.fr/monge/j.laurens/iTeXMac).
> Others:
> Tom Kiffe's TeX Tools for Mac OS X
> http://www.kiffe.com/textools.html
> Andrew Trevorrow's OzTeX  (Which is adding tetex calls)
> http://www.trevorrow.com/oztex/ozosx.html
> EquationService: http://homepage.mac.com/dougrowland/EquationServicev
> For editors:
> Mac-Emacs: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~franconi/mac-emacs/
> Pepper: http://www.hekkelman.com/pepper.html
> Alpha: http://alphatcl.sourceforge.net/wikit/
> Vim: http://www.imdat.de/vim/
> I'm sure I'm missing something, but this is a good start.
> Joe

     I am glad to see some interest in Vim on this list.  The URL above 
does not seem to work for me.  I maintain binaries of Vim for Mac OS X 
(Carbon) at


Version 6.1 was released a few days ago, and I will post a new binary 
later this week (I hope).  For general information on Vim, see


There is currently an effort to put together a comprehensive collection 
of TeX add-ons for vim.  I will post a link after I have had a chance to 
test these on OS X.

					--Benji Fisher

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