[OS X TeX] illustrator and LaTeX?

Oliver Hardt hardt at u.arizona.edu
Wed Mar 27 10:41:49 EST 2002

i am working on a poster for a psychological conference.  the whole 
layout is done with illustrator, but i thought that it might be nice 
to do the narratives, formulas, tables with LaTeX.  i would like to 
use the computer modern fonts for that.
	the poster will be 72 inches wide and 48 inches high (around 
180cm wide and 120cm high).  the headlines are 90pt helvetica.  my 
plan is to pdflatex my stuff and then import the pdf into illustrator 
and put it where i want it.  however, i have the impression that 
those pdfs don't contain 'text' they rather contain an image of the 
text (since i cannot edit the text in acrobat reader).
	can i just scale the pdf or latex output to the desirable 
size without any quality loss?  what do i need to do in order to 
accomplish that?  btw: if i would use a font in illustrator, the 
narrative would be around 40 points.  thanks for your help!

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