[OS X TeX] Slowdown in mac-emacs and PATH variable

Enrico Franconi franconi at cs.man.ac.uk
Mon Mar 4 17:09:57 EST 2002

This is what I experienced as well. I tell you exactly what I have
done. This is the story: the only think I've done is to recompile the
21.1 sources with the patch provided at mac-emacs + 3 more patches
provided directly by the main author (Choi), together with a
site-start file with auctex and all the necessary packages that make
emacs more pleasant (plus the drag'n'drop facility). So I did not do
anything on the code. Probably the only difference in the code between
this mac-emacs and the standard distribution is in the 3 additional
patches, which supposedly affected the speed in typing and the bug in
the customisation menu.  Please not that at least one patch is really
necessary for auctex to work (the one on sub-processes). One other
patch was meant to speed up the typing (!).

So, at this point I don't know what to do. The patches were given to
me by the author. My position would be to wait until a new version is
released by mac-emacs.sourceforge.net. I will immediately recompile it
with the LaTeX stuff and distribute it here. Do you have better
suggestions. We all know that this is released as alpha software, but
it is also true that we all want to play with carbon emacs 21! I think
it is just matter of time. Let me know your opinion.

On the other topic of the PATH not being correctly visible from within
emacs, we are investigating the fact. I call emacs with a "do shell
script 'tcsh -c'" so in principle all the tcsh environment should be
visible. For some strange reason, in this case the shell does not
source the init files as it should do. We are trying to understand
why. By now, the patch is to set the paths directly in
/usr/share/init/tcsh/rc. This is an horrible solution and we prefer
that nobody actually does it! Stay tuned.

-- e.

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