[OS X TeX] batch convert eps to pdf using epstopdf. THE EASY WAY

Juan Falgueras juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Mon Mar 11 14:18:55 EST 2002

12:37 +0100 9/3/02, Piet van Oostrum escribe:
>  >>>>> Martin Costabel <costabel at wanadoo.fr> (MC) writes:
>MC> Hanspeter Schaub wrote:
>>>  Thanks for pointer.  However, I can't seem to get it to work.  In a
>>>  terminal I type as you suggest below, but I get
>>>  hp% foreach f (*.eps)
>>>  foreach -> epstopdf $f
>>>  foreach -> done
>>>  foreach ->
>MC> foreach is ended by 'end', not by 'done'. The latter is bash-speak. In
>MC> bash you would say
>MC> $ for f in *.eps; do epstopdf $f; done
>Sorry, I meant to say end (I even tried it out to prevent me to type
>someting illegal), and still managed to put done in the message. I am not a
>*csh fan (that is an understatement).

	You can use in unix ('a la Lisp)

		% apply epstopdf *.eps

the simple command apply make succesives runnings of the first 
parameter over each of the next arguments in turn.  (See % man apply)


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