[OS X TeX] How to Insert Graphics Using TeXShop?

Zachary Davis zsd3711 at gamma2.uta.edu
Sun Mar 10 22:11:57 EST 2002

I've been having trouble inserting this .eps file into my TeX document.  
At the moment TeX is giving me an error that an \end control sequence is 
missing, which I can't seem to find.  The .eps file itself when it is 
embedded into the output file is off-center, and it is put between some 
text, in which it shouldn't.   My source file is as follows (excuse the 
length of this message):

\centerline{\small University of Texas at Arlington}
\centerline{\small Aerospace Engineering Program}
\centerline{\Large AE 5327 Computational Aerodynamics}
\centerline{\Large \bf Two-Dimensional Euler Equations for Flow}
\centerline{\Large \bf Through a Supersonic Duct}
\centerline{\normalsize by}
\centerline{ZACHARY S. DAVIS}

In this assignment we are asked to write a computer program utilizing 
the MacCormack scheme to solve the two-dimensional Euler equations for 
flow through a supersonic duct.  The problem defines the cross-sectional 
area distribution as:
A\left( x \right) = \frac{H_0}{L} \times \left(2 - \sin{3.14159 \times 
x}\right) \quad \mbox{for} \quad 0<x<1.
Both subsonic and supersonic inlet conditions were investigated, and for 
both studies several mesh resolutions $\left( N_x \times N_y \right)$ 
were utilized, where $N_x \hspace{0.1cm} \mbox{and} \hspace{0.1cm} N_y$ 
are the number of intervals in the $X \hspace{0.1cm}\mbox{and} 
\hspace{0.1cm} Y$ directions, respectively.  The computations were 
initialized using the solution to the isentropic  steady, 
quasi-one-dimensional case.  Additionally, the vertical velocity could 
either be initialized by taking into account the y-variation, or by 
setting it to zero.  Choosing either method to initialize the vertical 
velocity was a non-issue for the computations.  To compare the 
two-dimensional converged solution to the quasi-1D solution, and average 
of the desired result was taken as follows:
\bar{U}^y_{i} = \frac{\sum \limits^{N_y+1}_{j=1} u\left( i,j \right) 
vol\left( i,j \right)}{\sum \limits^{N_y+1}_{j=1} vol\left( i,j \right)}.
In order to investigate the convergence of the solution, the quantity
\frac{dU}{dt} = \frac{1}{2} \times \left( R^n + R^{n+\frac{1}{2}} 
where $R$ represents the balance of fluxes (RHS).

\section{Subsonic Case}
For the subsonic case, the upstream conditions p = 1.0 atm, T = 288K, 
and M = 0.1 and the downstream condition p = 1.0 atm, were chosen.  The 
duct aspect ratio $\frac{H_0}{L}$ was taken to be 0.10, and a mesh 
consisting of $N_x = 50$, $N_y = 16$, and CFL = 0.9 were also used for 
the investigation of this case.  The following is the convergence plot 
generated from computation:
\label{Figure 2.1}

Am I using the includegraphics command correctly?  Your help is 


On Sunday, March 10, 2002, at 07:53 PM, Gary L. Gray wrote:

> On 3/10/02 8:48 PM, "Zachary Davis" <zsd3711 at gamma2.uta.edu> wrote:
>> I've never tried including a graph in one of my documents, and I'm
>> running into some trouble doing so using TeXShop.  I have created a 
>> plot
>> using gnuplot, and have converted the image to an .eps file using
>> GraphicConverter.  Then, I placed this .eps file in the same directory
>> as my LaTeX source file--the one which I want to include this graph.  I
>> have issued the command \includegraphics{filename.eps} in this source
>> file; however, I get an error in the console which says this control
>> sequence is undefined.  Is there something else I need to include in my
>> source file, or is the .eps file in the wrong directory?  Any help 
>> would
>> be appreciated.
> Have you loaded the graphicx package using \usepackage{graphicx} ???
> In addition, since you are using .eps files, be sure to typeset using 
> TeX +
> Ghostscript instead of pdftex.
> Good luck,
> -- Gary L. Gray
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