[OS X TeX] TUG 2002: `Stand up and be proud of TeX!'

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Sun Mar 10 16:40:34 EST 2002

and for this list:

		"Stand up and be proud of TeX on the  Mac"

Dear Mac OS TeX Users.

There is a plan underway to put Mac software like TeXshop, tetex etc. on 
the TeXLive CD.

The programming committee for TUG2002, Kerala India would
welcome  good Mac talks, and would be thrilled if some of you would 
participate at this meeting.
If you  can contribute a paper to this conference and spread the good
news about all the successful development and future plans for
TeX under MacOS X, please contact the programming  committee via the 
webpage listed below.  

BTW, TUGindia has provided a lovely set of tutorials on 
and work is being done on other chapters.
You might like to visit the country where such work is being done
and meet other TeXees from other parts of the world.

Happy TeXing on the Mac.
Wendy McKay
TUG board member

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Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 21:38:01 +0000
From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk>

I am very sure that some of you would really enjoy
coming to TUG 2002 in India this autumn.
It is happening in Trivandrum between 1st and 7th September,
and is all explained http://www.tug.org.in/tug2002/. I can
assure you from personal experience that this is a truly
beautiful part of the world!

It isn't too late to offer a paper for the conference.
Just drop me a line with your idea, and help make this
a great meeting!
Sebastian Rahtz      TUG2002 Programmme Chair.

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Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:36:12 +0530 (IST)
From: Radhakrishnan C V <cvr at tug.org>
Reply-To: tuglist at tug.org.in
To: TUGIndia Mailing List <tuglist at tug.org.in>
Cc: FSF India <fsf-india at gnu.org.in>
Subject: [Tuglist] TUG 2002: further call for papers

Followup call for papers --

TUG 2002 Annual Meeting and Conference
September 1-7, Trivandrum, India

Even though the official deadline has passed, there is still
time to submit a proposal for a paper to be presented at the
most exciting TeX event of 2002, the international conference of
TeX Users Group is scheduled to be conducted in India during
September 1--7, 2002 at Park Center, Technopark, Trivandrum,

The theme for TUG 2002 is `Stand up and be proud of TeX!'.  Show
us why it is still the typesetting tool of choice, the range of
material it can handle, and especially how it can coexist with
the new world of XML. We want to hear about

    * using TeX to typeset XML
    * multilingual typesetting using Omega
    * high-quality hyperdocuments using pdfTeX
    * fonts for non-Latin languages
    * new directions for Metafont and Metapost

Full conference details can be found at


Proposals for papers should be sent to papers at tug2002.tug.org.in

We can accept proposals for a further two weeks (until the end
of March 2002), and will notify authors of the acceptance at the
end of that period.  Other dates are:

    * 12 April 2002: preliminary program available
    * May 2002: send first version of full paper
    * July 2002: send final version of full paper
    * 1st-3rd September 2002: Pre-conference tutorial
    * 4th-7th September 2002: TUG conference in India

Email addresses for contact:

   tug2002 at tug.org.in         -- General information
   papers at tug2002.tug.org.in  -- Submission of papers
   finance at tug2002.tug.org.in -- Financial matters
   travel at tug2002.tug.org.in  -- Travel information
   media at tug2002.tug.org.in   -- Media contact

For TUG 2002 Organising Committee

[please circulate this as widely as seems appropriate; in
particular, if you have membership mailing lists, please
consider forwarding this message, or a pointer to the conference
web site, to the list.]


Home:     http://www.tug.org.in
Tutorial: http://www.tug.org.in/tutorials.html

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