[OS X TeX] Two ``bibliographies'' on one article

Gérard Degrez degrez at vki.ac.be
Fri May 10 08:35:07 EDT 2002

>I'm new to using LaTeX, but like it so far.  For my qualifying exam
>proposal I'm using the standard article document class, but I need to
>include two bibliographies: one that's titled "Proposed reading list" and
>a second that's titled "Works referenced in proposal but not on reading
>I created the document in the normal way, used bibtex to create a .bbl
>file and thought I could just split the references manually by copying/
>pasting.  This doesn't work.
>Can anyone point me to instructions for accomplishing this?

I think the bibtopics package should satisfy your needs. See 

An alternative is the bibunits package, available on CTAN.

Gérard Degrez
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