[OS X TeX] TeXShop suggestions/questions

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Wed Nov 20 01:38:58 EST 2002

Hi Juan

A few comments:

>  Is this possible, can TeXShop and/or Mac OS X even display DVIs? 
>I've heard of an application that used DVIs, but maybe that was

TeXShop can display DVI's now.  Try the following. Put a tex file in 
your home directory and call it say
test.tex .  Open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities) and type `latex 
test.tex'  this will create test.dvi
amongst other things.  Drag and drop test.dvi onto TeXShop in the 
dock and wait a bit and it will
open and you can look at it.

As MacOS X produces pdf for anything that appears on screen  even if 
you have a dvi file it will
be a pdf file when you look at it.

>	Secondly I wanted to ask about a feature I heard long ago 
>referred to as something like "Point and Go" in other apps.

In Textures this is called synchonization.  There is  also something 
called srcltx which you can use.  It can be
downloaded from CTAN or comes with CMacTeX from www.kiffe.com  I have 
never tried it so I  don't know if
it works with TeXShop.

>	And lastly, more than a question what I have now is a 
>suggestion and it is about syntax coloring.

Yep I agree -- just the $ green not the stuff in the middle :-)

I would also really like the ability to split the editing window such 
as you can do in Terminal or BBEdit. Very handy
when you are trying to remember what your bibliography looks like.


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