[OS X Tex] Difficulties getting shift-JIS pLatex + teTex to work

Cyril Niklaus cynik at gmx.co.uk
Sun Nov 10 09:26:23 EST 2002

On Dimanche, novembre 10, 2002, at 07:31 AM, Joshua McBride wrote
> .  It keeps returning the error [fmtutil: no info for format `platex'. 
> I can't find the format file `platex.fmt'!] even when I attempt to run 
> the platex command from Terminal.app.
> 	I used fmtutil to rebuild all of the .fmt files, but it still does 
> not work.

You do not mention whether you did a texhash or not. Give that a try as 
"Intel CPUs are not defective, they just act that way."
Henry Spencer

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