[OS X Tex] Difficulties getting shift-JIS pLatex + teTex to work

Joshua McBride jlm441 at psu.edu
Sat Nov 9 17:31:23 EST 2002

Hello everyone,
	This is my first post to the MacOS-Tex newsletter.  I'm 
fairly new to TeX, I've only been using it for about 8 months now, 
but I really like all of the features and I use it for just about 
everything now.

	Anyway, I wanted to try typesetting some Japanese documents, 
so I downloaded Kiriki's shift-JIS pLatex package (which is listed on 
the ascii.co.jp pLatex site under MacOSX) .  I installed the package 
and set up my TeX editor to use the libraries.  However, I cannot get 
it work at all.  It keeps returning the error [fmtutil: no info for 
format `platex'. I can't find the format file `platex.fmt'!] even 
when I attempt to run the platex command from Terminal.app.

	I used fmtutil to rebuild all of the .fmt files, but it still 
does not work.  Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to properly 
install and configure the Japanese pLatex?  Thank you.


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