[OS X TeX] BBEdit and TeXShop

Jeff Collins vze22kt4 at verizon.net
Sun Nov 10 12:07:43 EST 2002

Sun, 10 Nov 2002 11:18:38 -0500, johajohn at indiana.edu wrote:
>> Then you
>> need only switch from BBEdit to TeXShop (cmd-tab) and press the 
>> shortcut
>> key combination to typeset the document (e.g., cmd-shift-L for LaTeX,
>> cmd-shift-T for TeX, etc.).

>I must be missing something obvious: I've tried to set BBEdit as my 
>external editor, but it doesn't work. I looked through the TeXShop help 
>file, but the section on external editors was unenlightening. The above 
>sequence of commands  accomplishes nothing on my machine. I'm running 
>OS X 10.2.1, TeXShop 1.20, and BBEdit 6.5.3 on a Pismo (PB G3 FW).

Open preferences in TeXShop. On the "document" tab in the prefs dialog,
check the option marked "Configure for external editor."  Quit TeXShop.  

Now when you drag a .tex file onto TeXShop, it will not open that file to
be edited, but will assume you are editing the file it in an external
editor and want only to typeset it using TeXShop.  

In other words, you can open the .tex file in BBEdit (or another editor,
vi, emacs, whatever) and make and save changes to the file from there. 
TeXShop will just happily process the file without trying to open the
file in its own editing window.


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