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Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Nov 20 13:25:47 EST 2002

Le mercredi, 20 nov 2002, à 18:54 Europe/Paris, Juan Manuel Palacios a 
écrit :

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> I also think that a clear differentiation between entering and exiting 
> math mode is appropriate. Maybe a routine similar to bracket matching 
> could be useful to tell the user when it has been closed. That coupled 
> with a slightly different coloring for the opening and closing $ 
> symbols to reflect the beginning and ending would take away any doubt 
> about the location of the frontiers of the formula. What does 
> everybody think? Of course, all this could be either selected or not 
> with a simple switch: a) color all in-text math mode, boundaries 
> included; b) color only the boundaries of math mode, making the clear 
> distinction between beginning and ending but leaving all the enclosed 
> text to be colored as any other piece of the document.
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I don't know how it looks like for other people, maybe it's different, 
but in my case most of the stuff in in-text math formulae is coloured, 
because of all the \frac \cos etc. inside, so I've no difficulties 
telling at once on which side of the $'s the formulae are.

>> I would also really like the ability to split the editing window such 
>> as you can do in Terminal or BBEdit. Very handy
>> when you are trying to remember what your bibliography looks like.

Or when you have to scroll back several pages to find what name you 
gave to a \label. Or when you have to scroll back to find a piece of 
formula to copy and paste into a new formula. Yes, very handy.

Bruno Voisin

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