[OS X TeX] TeXShop suggestions/questions

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Wed Nov 20 12:54:45 EST 2002

	Hello Michael and everybody else who has replied so far, thank you 
all for your comments.

On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 02:38  AM, Michael Murray wrote:

> TeXShop can display DVI's now.  Try the following. Put a tex file in 
> your home directory and call it say
> test.tex .  Open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities) and type `latex 
> test.tex'  this will create test.dvi
> amongst other things.  Drag and drop test.dvi onto TeXShop in the dock 
> and wait a bit and it will
> open and you can look at it.

	As far as I know TeXShop has always been able to do this so it 
isn't something new. But for as long as it has existed TeXShop has 
always run a conversion utility on the dvi file to produce the displayed 
pdf. I would just like to know if it is possible at all for TeXShop to 
deal with the dvi directly or not. Maybe it doesn't make much sense 
because the displayed window will be a pdf under the hood, and if I want 
TeXShop to produce dvi instead of pdf I could just instruct it to use a 
personal script, I guess, but I would like to know Mr. Koch's 
opinions/experiences on this. So, what's the deal?

> In Textures this is called synchonization.

	This is exactly what I was referring to! Is it in any way possible 
to implement such a cool and handy feature in TeXShop???!!!!

> There is  also something called srcltx which you can use.  It can be
> downloaded from CTAN or comes with CMacTeX from www.kiffe.com  I have 
> never tried it so I  don't know if
> it works with TeXShop.

	What are you referring to here, a TeX package/macro? I will look 
into this and definitely give it a try if I find it useful, but I would 
most certainly prefer to see the feature implemented by TeXShop!

> Yep I agree -- just the $ green not the stuff in the middle :-)

	Math mode coloring seems to be a sensitive subject and capable of 
starting religious wars, since plenty of conflicting opinions have 
already been posted to the list and people seem to be ready to defend 
them! I don't pretend to start such a war, I just want Mr. Koch to know 
that some of us like what He has already done. So maybe then 
customization options are in order to make everybody happy, if it's not 
too much work Mr. Koch :-)! I agree with Bruno when He says that 
background coloring for in-text math mode would turn the document into a 
Caribbean Carnival, but I also think that a clear differentiation 
between entering and exiting math mode is appropriate. Maybe a routine 
similar to bracket matching could be useful to tell the user when it has 
been closed. That coupled with a slightly different coloring for the 
opening and closing $ symbols to reflect the beginning and ending would 
take away any doubt about the location of the frontiers of the formula. 
What does everybody think? Of course, all this could be either selected 
or not with a simple switch: a) color all in-text math mode, boundaries 
included; b) color only the boundaries of math mode, making the clear 
distinction between beginning and ending but leaving all the enclosed 
text to be colored as any other piece of the document.

> I would also really like the ability to split the editing window such 
> as you can do in Terminal or BBEdit. Very handy
> when you are trying to remember what your bibliography looks like.

	Thank you all again for feedback and thank you Mr. Koch for the 
time and dedication. Regards,...


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