[OS X TeX] oslash

Peder Axensten f95-pax at nada.kth.se
Wed Nov 27 10:35:53 EST 2002

Thanks everyone for the help. It was useful for me to know that it was 
my system that was at fault (as I rather suspected). It's a bug in my 
code that is seen when hyperref is not used in certain documents -- 
that's why I didn't notice it until now. I'll track the bug down, 

On tisdag, nov 26, 2002, at 11:38 Europe/Stockholm, Peder Axensten 

> I'm using Gerbens tetex and I can't get \o to work correctly: I get 
> another letter (a c with an accent) instead of the oslash. When I try 
> \O it works ok.
> Uhh?
> (And Gerben, a number of files (e.g. sehyphen) are missing from the 
> ls-R file as installed by your installer. This means that activating 
> Swedish will make the initialization fail unless a manual "sudo 
> texhash" is done before, to update the ls-R.)

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